Climate change, growing public alarm, and the accelerating response of governments and regulators will have increasingly dramatic effects on the economy and on  society in the years ahead. As the world moves away from carbon, these dramatic changes will have deep implications for business, investors, governments and other organisational actors, affecting markets and asset values.

You can’t manage what you don’t understand, and good decisions require more than mountains of data and information. Carbon Tide helps you and your team turn that data and information into useful and actionable knowledge and understanding. We help you think more clearly about climate and carbon to better predict, prepare for and understand the carbon transition.

Delivered by a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced professional, our services are available either on site or online and are fully backed by references and information sources that you can use to stay current in this rapidly evolving space. And we can help you apply what you learn by connecting you with specialised professionals and companies working in all areas of physical, transition and policy climate risk.

Carbon Tide offers science-based and market-aware education, coaching and consulting on all aspects of physical and transition climate risk, fully tailored and customised for your unique sector, situation and requirements. Whether you need a one-hour online overview or a full week’s on-site training for your team, we can help. For a friendly and no-obligation chat about how we can help your organisation understand climate risk, contact us now.


Climate Science

Physics of Co2 and GHG equivalents • Climate as a complex system • Key concepts, measurements and terms • Scale of human emissions • Climatic effects and predictions

climate risk Overview

Climate risk frameworks • Physical vs Transition risk • Scenario analysis • Risk disclosure • Stranded assets • Climate and carbon opportunities

Physical climate risk

Physical risk frameworks • Sea level • Heat stress • Drought • Storms • Flooding • Wildfires • Migration • Physical risk vectors • Models and data sources • RCP scenarios

transition climate risk

Transition risk frameworks • Carbon budget risk • The Inevitable policy response (IPR) • Reputational risk • Competition risk • Technological risk • Litigation risk •

the Paris agreement

UNFCCC background and process • Paris Agreement • Structure and scope • Nationally determined contributions (NDCs) • Stocktaking and transparency • Article 6 • Politics • Current status

Climate and carbon politics

Fridays for Future • Extinction rebellion • Civil society • Opinion polling • Core issues • Left and Right perspectives • Carbon tax • Green politics

carbon pricing

Pigouvian taxation • Background • ETS • Other trading systems • Floor prices • Carbon tax • Carbon Fee and Dividend • Hypothecation • Carbon leakage • Border adjustments • CPLC • National experiences • Internal pricing

TCFD disclosure

Core concepts and rationale • CDP • TCFD background • Governance • Strategy • Risk Management • Metrics and targets • Scenario analysis • Reception • Implementation experience • NGFS • Current status

Green finance

Concepts and development • Taxonomies and labels • Reporting and disclosure • Green bonds • Green loans • Returns • EU TEG and HLEG • NGFS • Global policy drivers

carbon offsetting

Core concepts • Controversy • Development • Compliance market • Voluntary market • Validation and certification • Permanence • Additionality • Co-benefits • CORSIA

Investor response

Owners vs  managers • Short vs long term • Principles for Responsible Investment • IIGCC • AIGCC • Climate Action 100+ • Other investor initiatives

other topics

Further modules are available focusing on specific sectors and other areas of interest, including other elements of ESG and sustainability. Contact us for details.

All modules can be customised to suit the client’s requirements and can be delivered in formats ranging from a one-hour overview to a full day’s session with analysis and discussion. Whether the audience is one individual or a team of twenty or more, each participant will receive a briefing paper with references and information sources for further learning. Modules are available on-site or online, and we will work flexibly with you to design your own unique programme and meet your own specific needs.

Contact us now for a friendly and no-obligation chat about how we can help your organisation understand climate change and the risks and opportunities of the coming carbon transition.