Climate Change and the Carbon Transition

Climate and climate policy risk to your business or investments is too important not to understand. Dramatic physical evidence is combining with rapidly growing and increasingly urgent public alarm, especially among the young. The coming policy response is inevitable and will result in substantial market and social change affecting business and asset values across a wide range of sectors. If your operating horizon is even a few years out, you need to understand climate risk to make good decisions.

The most immediate climate change risk to many businesses and investments is not extreme weather and sea level rise, but the policy response of governments, central banks and regulators working to reduce emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. In particular, rapidly evolving international developments in green finance, carbon pricing and other systemic market-based policies have the potential to dramatically change the business and investment landscape, with associated impacts on operations, profitability and asset values.

Carbon Tide monitors the multinational coalitions and collaborations of governments, central banks and regulators working to reduce emissions. We help you see what’s coming on systemic carbon policy risk, and give you the comprehensive and up-to-date context you need to successfully navigate the carbon transition.

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Contextual Understanding

Good decisions require good information, and a current and comprehensive context within which to think. We give you an evidence-based grounding in the climate transition policy space, along with the sources you need to follow this rapidly developing area in the years ahead.

Transition Risk Analysis

Climate and carbon transition policy risk stems from the policy actions of governments and regulators seeking to reduce emissions. Unlike physical climate risks, policy and other transition risks are social and political and are thus less predictable. We help you understand and analyze these risks to your business or investments.

Scenario Analysis

We help you understand both the actual and potential impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities on your organization’s businesses, strategy, investments and financial planning. We help you evaluate the resiliance of your strategy under different climate and transition-related scenarios.

Transition Strategy

Climate change is here already, and it is accelerating. Changes to come involve not only extreme weather and higher sea levels, but also political, economic, social, technological and legal responses focused on emissions reduction. We help you to navigate this unprecedented transition, charting a course to reduce risk and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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TFCD Recommendations

TCFD Recommendations

Carbon Pricing

Transition Risk

Risk Scenarios

Risk Scenarios



Get in depth and up-to-date support with your climate risk or carbon transition project from your desktop, with research and analysis customised for you. As much or as little as you need.


Get an up-to-date overview of the evolving policy response to climate change and how it affects your business or investments. Customised for you and available on site or online.


Get friendly and focused help in understanding, analysing and communicating the climate transition risks facing your business or investment from developing policy responses.

Growing Urgency

Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are not only growing rapidly, but that growth is accelerating. The resulting temperature increase and climatic and sea level effects are already serious, and the danger of passing an runaway ‘tipping point’ is increasing. Mounting evidence and public alarm is driving a growing political and institutional response, including from the following initiatives monitored by Carbon Tide:

  • NGFS
  • G20-SFSG
  • TCFD
  • FSB
  • TEG
  • CPLC
  • SC4S
  • PRI
Increase in global CO2 emissions since 1970
Globally systemically banks and insurers regulated by NGFS members
Global GDP covered by NGFS members’ jurisdictions
Global GHG emissions currently covered by carbon pricing

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